Here’s to Friday!

It’s Friday! I am very intentional about not wanting to “live for the weekend”, but there is something exciting and adventurous about Friday’s! For us, Friday means hanging out  together for a couple days, without the strict routine of the week. It means Date Night for my husband and I, and the possibility of a few extra […]

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We have been getting snow steadily for the last few days… and while I am not a big winter fan, it is beautiful! I love watching snow float gently down outside my window(especially if I am reading a good book and sipping coffee in a great mug!) I recently stumbled upon a Canadian artist that […]

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I know, I know, I should be blogging. I was supposed to keep this up, and post at least once every week or so. In my defense… I have tried. 🙂 Twice now I have sat down and written long entries, only to read and then delete them. So much of what I want to […]

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The cold and damp have got me thinking. It was not supposed to be like this. In a typical summer, June is warm, July is warmer. The sun parches the gardens, and here in our town the humidity blankets everything like an invisible cloak.This year is different. June was cool and rainy. July is also […]

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Beginning thoughts…

I never cared much about blogging. In truth, I like a yellow legal pad of paper and a pen. The computer, however, is efficient, less messy, and less likely to be ruined by spilling an entire cup of coffee over it (I hope.) Besides, there is no room for my mindless doodles that often take […]

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