Please, please use the Door!!,

Happy Wednesday! Want to hear a great story?
~Once upon a time (around the beginning of May) I was visiting Traci Michelle over at Ordinary Inspirations. She was posting about stencils from The Simple Stencil. The short version of this story is: I loved the post, I commented, I won her giveaway! $25.00, to spend at The Simple Stencil!… The End.
 Actually….. Just the beginning! I spent two days pouring over the great selection of stencils, and couldn’t wait for my order to arrive. I was excited because I’d always wanted to try  vinyl wall art, and I had the perfect place picked out in my front hall. Every order comes with a sample/practice stencil -you choose the word- So…. remember my front door that was getting a makeover? I chose the word ~Welcome~ for my practise word, because I was painting the door anyway, I figured if I messed up…it would be OK. The door got two coats of  “wild horses brown” (who picks colour names?) and then I practised stencilling.. Here’s the before…
Here is the process…  It is easy to do, the instructions are clear, and helpful.
And this is my finished front door!! I love the way it looks!
I was thrilled with it… and that was only practice!! Now on to the front entryway…
I apologise for the photo quality, the lighting in the hall is hard to work with…(our walls are actually green, not grey) but this is what I chose. It was easy to do, even with so many words (and I was working above a doorway)
I wish I had better pics, these don’t really do it justice… it looks wonderful, and very inviting as you enter our home! It took me less than an hour to do both the door and the wall. Thanks so much Traci Michelle, and  The Simple Stencil … what a beautiful, affordable way to decorate~ I will definitely be visiting again!
(Oh the possibilities…)
~ Sigh~
… And they all lived happily ever after with beautifully stencilled walls and doors…
~The End~
Blessings on your Wednesday,