All I need ( cancer journey)

It’s not a road I ever thought we’d have to travel, but here we are. Words are how I process, how I often hear God speak, and how I make sense of this crazy journey of Grace. I’ll put all the posts related to this part of our walk, here in one place. I’m being as honest as I know how to be with my thoughts. There’s much I don’t know, but I know who I belong to, and He is walking with us every step of the way! Questions? Thoughts? You can always contact me by email on the contact page. Blessings!

All I need Part 1-
All I need Part 2-
All we need to do Part-3
Jetplanes (What I need part 4)
boarding call
Hatboxes and Infusions

AScarf, A Key and Letting Go

Just Say Yes

What Silence means

Measuring the Days

Seasons, Cocoons, Grace and God