Being Who We Are Created To Be and Walking Each Other Home

There aren’t a lot of things I remember about my early growing up years, but I remember third grade. More specifically, I remember the ten minutes after the bell had rung and we all poured out of the school like a bubbling, noisy river. I remember the walking home.

It’s not always easy to make it home in one piece when part of that noisy river is made up of boys that like to tease, taunt and poke fun. But it was easier with Beverly. She was as tall as I was short and we were in the same class. With dark set eyes and a confident stance, she had a presence that parted the noisy river and allowed us to walk on dry land. Safe. Every day she walked my way, and she’ll never know what a gift she was to this frightened third grader.  I changed schools the following year, and we never met again. But I will always remember third grade as one of the best, because Beverly walked me home.

And maybe that’s what we’re all doing. From the moment we take our first breath, till we step through the door breathing our last. Whether we realize it or not, 

We’re walking each other home

Can it be that each of us was uniquely created to be gifts and tools for someone else’s walk home? Like tiny puzzle pieces that fit where they are needed in someone’s story.  Sometimes, its only a few moments, a day or a year. Sometimes we are gifted with friends we walk with for a lifetime.  And every step is important. When we live loved, being who we were created to be, there aren’t any obstacles to parting a river. There are only opportunities.

 I have a beautiful daughter who spent time this week singing to a friend who’s lying in a bed in palliative care. For a short time in that hospital room, her music parted the noisy river of dreadful disease. They walked on a melodic path of worship, stopping just steps from heaven’s door. 

Through my kitchen window I watch a neighbor take his granddaughter to school and pick her up again everyday. They hold hands and her pony-tail swings in time to his steady gait. I doubt either of them has any idea what a beautiful picture they make, walking each other home.

A teacher spends her days encouraging students and everyday she reminds them to find the good and always be kind. She is walking them home and although she may never know it, she’s parting a river some of them will need to walk down to make it to the end.

It’s not something we go looking for. It’s not something we find to do and then check it off a list. It’s not a good deed or a charitable act. It’s who we are.  And it looks different for all of us. It’s listening to the God of the universe and living in all He’s called us to and created us for.

Its being able to love, because we know the greatest love. 

 Living loved means no comparison, no shame. No fear, guilt, masks or pretense. We are loved.  It means we step out into the day knowing who we belong to and with our hand in his, we part rivers. Most days we will never know the gift we are to those who walk a beaten path beside us for a little while or a lifetime. And I don’t think we’re always meant to know.

Let’s be who we were created to be.  Grace will cover our faltering steps, and love will always lead us, while we walk each other home.

“I’m giving you a new commandment: Love each other in the same way that I have loved you.” John 13:34 

  Walking with you in everyday Grace, 


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  1. Love this, Katherine. That God has given us a body of believers to walk us home. Living loved. And the pictures of your flowers are gorgeous! Happy to have found you from #TellHisStory.

  2. Beautiful thoughts and pictures. Yes we never know how we are impacting each other. I like your thought of walking each other home.

  3. This is beautiful Katharine! What an insight to live everyday as a chance to walk others closer to Jesus because in the end we are all walking Home!
    I’m happily visiting from #TellHisStory

  4. What a beautiful post! It reminds me of mine today, with the words between the floral pictures. Glad I found it today!

  5. Beautiful Katharine… thank you for touching my heart today and encouraging me. It is my wedding anniversary and I have been for over 20 years walking my husband home… I am tired, anxious and sad but I have hope that one day my husband will become a believer and be the spiritual leader our family so desperately needs for peace. I pray that he will have eternal life with us. I have loved, sacrificed, given my own life to be with him support his military career and be far from family. Blessings for you…

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