An Autumn Feast (Five Minute Friday)

It’s Five Minute Friday, and it’s been so long since I participated. It is wonderful to be back! {Five Minute Friday:Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Today the prompt is Eat }

I spent time this morning searching my recipes for curried squash soup. Its Autumn, and nothing screams comfort in Autumn like a bowl of beautiful orange soup. It’s only one of the things I love about the season. Leaves that fall in crazy, coloured patterns, warm sweaters, fields of pumpkins. I love it all!


I watched a squirrel out on our deck the other day, stuffing as much into his tiny mouth as possible. He ate his way through my planter and spent a long time eating the rogue seeds that had fallen from the bird feeder. Winters coming. He wants to fill up on everything now, before his world turns to a frozen white wonderland.


Its the beauty of seasons, the creativity of our great God. I admit to spending time stuffing my heart with all the beauty of Autumn. I want to “eat” my way through the season, giving thanks for all this splendor. I’m storing it in my memory, for the days when the color disappears and we’re wrapped in white. They’ll be warm, burnt sienna reminders that seasons change, and in everyone of them there’s grace. And no matter where we find ourselves there is always a feast set for us by Him and it turns our hearts to gratitude.

 Walking with you in everyday Grace,




  1. Beautiful! (Here from Kate’s for FMF.) I love the concept of drinking in the time of beauty to remember in the “dark times” – it reminds me of the Israelites setting up memorials. Continue to enjoy our lovely autumn!

  2. I love autumn colours too and the curried squash soup sounds lovely! Visiting from FMF.

  3. Beautiful. Welcome back to the FMF. I hope to rejoin the beautiful community there soon.