Muffins, Mittens, and Calling for Help…

I asked him if he wanted help, and he answered with a confident “No” He was working at getting his outdoor clothes off, and it can be tricky with snow pants, boots and heavy coats. Especially if you’re  five. He’s figured out most of it. Sometimes when I pick him up from school he’s forgotten to put on his mittens or his hat is leaning crazy, but he usually gets it right. If the day’s gone well, and he isn’t tired, he can disrobe and be sitting at the table waiting for his snack in less time than it takes me to hang up my coat and keys.


He seems happy today and busy working on that zipper, so I head into the kitchen pull out snack plates. Double chocolate muffins. I’m not sure what he and his brother would do if I ever ran out of muffins. I hear my name, twice, and head back out to the carport. I imagine the zipper stuck, the boots are not co-operating or the snow pants straps are twisted again. He smiles that adorable grin while little feet fly out of boots. “Do you need help with something?  He shakes his head while the snow pants hit the floor. “No, I just wanted you here, and can you tell me again about the name of that shape?”


Free from all the winter gear, he skips happily into the house while we talk about octagons and how they have eight sides, like an octopus has eight arms. Legs swing from dining room chairs and he and his brother discuss every other eight legged thing, real or imagined, they can think of. The muffins disappear in record time.

And later, when their dad has picked them up and I’m cleaning up the pencil crayons, I think about that voice calling to me from the carport. It wasn’t a distress cry, a panic, in-over-my-head kind of holler. Just a call because he knew I was there, he just wanted me closer. He wanted to chat.


It makes me think of all the calling out I’ve done in the last couple of years. Crying out to our good God, mostly from a place of distress. They’ve been years of being in a hard place, stuck, twisted, frustrated, scared. And its true isn’t it, that crisis is most often the place where we holler out to God. And it’s a good thing. He wants us to call, he loves to answer.  But what about the other place? What about now, in my day to day ordinary life. There is no crisis, no-in over-my-head, or panic(and just for the record I’m so happy for this place of quiet grace!)


It’s here, in this place we need to learn to cry out.  I don’t want the calm of this good place to lull me into being independent of the God who wants to hear me in the difficult and the pleasant places. There is a  temptation to do it myself, to be in control, to find my strength in me.  I need to call out to the one that loves me,the one who’s always here, because I want him closer, I want to chat. I want to know His heart and trust Him in the good and the hard places.

Learning to cry out in the refreshing places, makes them sweeter. And I think it may have a huge impact on the days we find ourselves once again having to cry out in distress.  Wherever you find yourself today… cry out!

But you, O Lord, are a shield around me;
    you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.
 I cried out to the Lord,
    and he answered me from his holy mountain. Psalm 3:3-4

 Walking with you in everyday grace,

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  1. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life and how God used it to speak to you. This is a beautiful example and reminder that God is always there, always wanting to spend time with us. Draw us close to you Lord!

  2. Thanks for stopping in Angel! Blessings!

  3. What a beautiful post. My oldest is five too…and funnily enough just tonight she called me back half an hour after being tucked into bed because she missed me (had been away at Oma and Opa’s all weekend) and wanted to chat…

    What you share about God is so true: quiet, peaceful seasons can cause us to become complacent in our communion with God.

    ….the sermon at church today addressed it too: the guest speaker sharing of how refugees had challenged and inspired him through their traumatic stories in his “safe”, “priveleged” life…and made him realize where we step in alongside those in the hard, we can be challenged and inspired, as we see God working in mighty ways (he’s ministered in countries like Afghanistan and is now ministering to refugees locally here in the Netherlands).

    • Anna thank you for stopping in. The little one in the post is one of the boys I take care of for after school care. My youngest is 19! Wonderful thoughts from your guest speaker, it’s good to be challenged. I’ve never been to the Netherlands, but I’m told it’s beautiful! Blessings.


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