Ribbons Of Light…


Where do you come from?

Can you hold the lantern up  just a little higher so I can see your face more clearly? Yes, I’ll take your hand.  The lights before and behind us tear at the darkness and the air is thick with expectancy and Hope. I don’t mind the jostling crowd. In fact, this year, I am reminded more than any other, this  Advent  journey we choose to take is never meant to be a solitary one.  Wherever we start from, there is great value in walking together. Reminding,  listening, helping and encouraging together.  Holding hope for each other.

What’s that you carry with you? 

Was it  part of  last years luggage? That family, just in front of us, they carry unexpected grief and loss. To your left a mother carries a newborn and the glow of contented new life. My steps fall slower with the weight of illness.  Can you hear the laughter breaking free from parcels of good news at the front  of the crowd? Lanterns emblazoned with Peace illuminate the children running  crazy with excitement. The Spirit-soaking  light of peace is not dependent on the kinds of things we carry.

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What  are you longing for?

Can I lean on you for just a moment? My heart is longing for a new year full of freedom and  health and I have reason to believe it will happen. These steps I’m taking on this Advent path… this focused journey to  Bethlehem, to the God who became man…  my heart longs to see Him in a new way, to be changed. It’s Him. I’m longing to walk with Him in new places of  freedom. Yes, you’re right, in Him is fullness of   Joy!


Do you know who you are?

Lift up your lantern again, a little higher… see there, etched in the side… Loved  Unconditionally, extravagantly, passionately, loved by God. Love that came, lived, died and moved a stone for us. Loved, right where we are without any stipulations or expectations, even when it  seems impossible. Loved because we are His creation. 

This  ribbon of light, the company of followers, seeking the one who will always be found. It will weave its way through the coming days joining heaven and earth for celebrations of  trust and tradition. Join us?  Take a hand, lift a lantern, bask  in the soft, luminous glow of candle light and twinkle lights?  Every footstep we take gives us reason for thankfulness and sheds light on amazing, everyday, every season Grace!

Have a Wonderful Day!




  1. We all have such need of each other … each carrying different things. Praying for much good health for you in the new year, Katharine.


  2. Oh this is truly beautiful! I’m so drawn to truly embracing the Advent season this year. I’m so glad I clicked on your link at #TellHisStory today. I’d love for you to come by and check out Three Word Wednesday at my place and link up this post. All you need to do is write on three words… “Ribbons of Light”
    No matter what, I was delighted to be here today. THANK YOU.
    Many blessings,

  3. Beautiful!! So glad we have crossed paths! Blessed by your words!

  4. Wishing for good news as this year draws
    to an end a bright shiny new year begins!

    M : )

  5. This was so comforting, full of warmth and light. You have your thoughts in order my dear! He will bring you through this season into a new season and I can’t wait to see it in your writing!

  6. Your writer self is as healthy as ever dear Katherine. Beautiful words. Psst, quoting you on Sunday mornings as we lead worship this month…

  7. This is beautiful!

  8. wonderful reminder, Katharine. I have been asking lately who are my companions on this Advent journey? rush? despair? or joy and hope and light. You are one of my companions too as I reread your Advent writings. Keeping you in my prayers

  9. A beautiful post, Katharine. It shines with hope, light and joy to come as we make this Advent journey. Simply lovely and full of encouragement for all! Thank you for blessing me with your words. 🙂 x