Just say “Yes”…

On my good week, we go out for breakfast, my friend and I. We laugh, catch up on news, and drink a lot of coffee and tea. This time when she dropped me off at my door (’cause she’s good like that), there was a question and my reaction to it,  that’s had me pondering…

I am beginning to think, (in community and relationships) questions lift curtains -even the thinnest of partitions- that allow grace to step out, ready to be received.


It was a simple, sweet question. She asked if she could bring dinner for us on Friday, the day of my treatment.  I stuttered, stammered,and looked at the floor. I wanted to say yes, but the question had pulled back a curtain, and I stood illuminated by reality. I tried to pull the curtain back with phrases like

“We’re  doing  OK”  ”I’m just tired”  and “I feel bad for  making you extra work”

All the while I was wondering why this was so difficult. I’m guessing  there was a bit of pride at work, but there was something else too. Reality. The truth sits up to be noticed again- I’m sick, but I so wish I wasn’t. And when love pulls back the curtain, the truth can’t hide behind

“We’re doing OK”  ”I’m just tired”  and “I feel bad for  making you extra work”


The truth is evident, but so is something else… Grace. It steps forward and asks to be  received. And my sweet friend, she doesn’t let the curtain fall back… she knows I’m usually the one asking the questions. This season though, is different. It’s time to listen to her gentle prodding.  And could we muddle through on those tired days? Of course. But saying yes means a day when we have one less thing to think about. It means we embrace grace. Both of us. Saying yes means first saying thank you.

And then… there is joy. Not because I have  Friday’s dinner figured out, not because I enjoy this season I find myself in. It’s Him. The joy is found in Him; with us in relationships, hard places, questions, and answers. Always with us… sending pride packing with honesty and authenticity. He prompts us to ask the questions that need asking, and helps with the  answers.

Experiencing everyday Grace in relationship with Him and with others. It’s the way we were designed.

{Please realize there are times and seasons for saying no. There are boundaries, circumstances and events that call for saying no, and knowing it’s OK. The God of the universe is there for all of it. This  may be my season of learning to say yes… but I have also walked through a season of learning to say no!}

And so I am thankful… for friends who have questions, and a good God who helps me sort through my responses and reactions. I am thankful for  this season I find myself in… because He is here and we are learning so much together. In the place that you are… do you need to say yes?  Are you being prompted to ask questions?

When the curtain is lifted… the view  is amazing!

 I always thank my God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus. 1Cor. 1:4



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  1. Linda Davenport says:

    Katharine, I love your honesty and I know there are many women who have difficulty saying yes to someone else doing something for them, even in a time of need. We seem to be more comfortable in doing for others rather than having them do for us. I, too, am learning to accept the grace that can be shown by a friend or someone who loves me and wants to do something for me. I am blessed by their act of kindness, and I am not denying them an opportunity for Christ-like service and blessing. Isn’t that just like God’s love? It’s a “win–win situation!” Love abundantly, in Christ.
    Linda Davenport

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Katharine! I’ve always wondered why we find it so hard to accept even the smallest bits of help, especially when we truly do need it?? Pride, definitely. And the vulnerability of admitting that we cannot do it all. Yet we all have varying degrees of weak moments in our lives. Yes, this will be a time when we’re sifting out the friends from the ‘bosom buddies’ (to quote Anne of Green Gables). And this is also the time when we’ll find new level of love and grace extended to us in precious ways.

    Praying for you :)

  3. You know I wish there were less miles between us so I could help you say yes to a meal…because so many times it is the only thing I am confident I can actually “do” to help someone out. I pray…which is the most important thing….but being the tangible servant that I am, I want to SEE and FIX and make it all “better”.
    So I applaud your willingness to say yes when the reason behind saying so shows that you “need”…you need a little bit of a break; you need someone to show you some lovin’; you need one less thing to think about. But also you are allowing someone else to be blessed by doing for you :). It’s hard to accept it but I am glad you are in a place in Him where you can do so…even for a Friday night meal :).

  4. Such honest wisdom here! THanks for sharing your journey with us.

  5. Oh, my, Katherine, not sure where I have been, but I had no idea about your cancer. I am so, so sorry. I just went and read your entire journey up to this point. What an inspiring journey and I will certainly be praying for you and your precious family as you “go forth” on this difficult journey. May the Lord wrap His arms around you and give you peace as only He can give. Hugs to you!

  6. I am so glad you said yes. And it is hard for us … the ones that are usually asking the questions.


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