Our Giving Thanks Weekend!

It’s our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!  Turkeys are  being prepared, festivals are gearing up, and  Monday is the official holiday which means a long weekend for all!  And there is so much to be thankful for…


This  beautiful pumpkin was the last of the Garden gifts! We have had a wonderful harvest this year.  The cooler nights and mornings have arrived and I love this cozy-snuggle-under-the-duvet time of year!


Our sweet girl comes home from school today, and we will all be together  for the  weekend. This is a treatment Friday, so it will look different from other Thanksgivings. I’m so thankful for this Family that walks through everything with me. Daughters that care deeply and tie head scarves with me. A Son who compliments and hugs long, and  the Best Husband who takes care of everything and then some with love, patience and grace.


I am thankful for this place and time we find ourselves in. It seems odd to say, except I am beginning to realize how true it is…The God  of the universe, He’s with us always, in everything and that gives me reason to give thanks… always. There is nowhere, no place or time that He is not present in, and I cannot begin to explain the joy, comfort and peace that comes with this gratitude.


There are My siblings and extended family who call, love, pray and encourage. Church family who walk with and love us.  Sweet Friends who share my love of going out for breakfast, coffee and  laughter! And you. So many of you who read and comment, pray, email and offer help.

I am so thankful for the abundance of love and grace we have been given this season.  


I  have decorated for the season, baked, cooked meals for freezing, and enjoy the week of feeling well in this crazy schedule!  I am grateful for the Prayers that have gone up  for healing and minimal side effects, and I know God is answering!


Yesterday I made these… and I know you will be thankful for the recipe! Oh my. Spelt flour,dark chocolate, toasted pecans, sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar… yum!  The recipe is here  and all I changed was to substitute coconut sugar for white sugar.  You’re welcome!


It could be a never-ending post, this listing of thanks! Wherever you are today… I hope you have a chance to Give Thanks,  Receive Grace and know the  Embrace of Un-ending Love!


Thanks to   Rachel Anne, for hosting!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Katharine, to you and your entire wonderful family! Thinking of you, as always, and thanking Him in advance for an “uneventful” Friday. – Donna

  2. Enjoy you holiday weekend and time
    spent with those you love!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    M :)

  3. What absolutely beautiful pics! And, what sweet words of Thanksgiving. Wishing you a beautiful weekend as you celebrate the goodness of God.

  4. What a sweet time to be surrounded by so much love.


  5. I hope your meal was delicious and that your holiday today is restful. Loving you from way over here on the left coast. You are amazing!!

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