Autumn Ground

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The calendar page is poised to turn. Thirty-One days have flown by faster than geese, flying in perfect formation on a backdrop of flannel grey Autumn clouds. If you have been counting these Autumn posts, I need to ask for Grace. The numbers will not add up, but it has been a good month. It's the feeling of exhaling loud and gulping in fresh air, after a year of breath holding! October is enjoying its last few hours on stage. November is waiting by the door ready to make an entrance,leading … [Continue reading]

Autumn Thanks…


I'm pretty sure it's a locust tree. It's tall, rough barked and spreads itself out on the lawn in front of our house. During these Autumn days, it's beautiful! Uniquely created,  tiny yellow leaves shine brilliantly in the sun... thousands of them! They ride the cool fall breezes straight into our front entryway and scatter everywhere! They hitch rides on shoes and unsuspecting socks and nestle on the living room carpet or the stairs. They make more work for us, sweeping and vacuuming. I sigh … [Continue reading]

Grace in the Dark


It's getting darker. Each day we lose a little of the light that brightens these golden Autumn afternoons. There's a shiver that comes to all of us who love the light and find the shorter days harder to swallow.  And while we're short on light in our days, we're missing it in our world too. It's there in every turn of the channel and smudged in black ink on the pages of our newspapers. Dark. And what do we do when  the dark comes in waves and covers our world with gunfire, trafficking, … [Continue reading]

Table Grace

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Often, getting ready for church begins with this; Because we begin around a table. I love the preparation and the gathering in, most times. There are days when I am so far behind I sigh deeply as I straighten up this living space and struggle with the fact that five of us live wholeheartedly in this house and it shows! But not today. Today I am deep in thought as I fill the crockpot  in anticipation of hungry friends. I am thankful for our group. Thankful for these gifts of grace we share … [Continue reading]

When Heaven Applauds…


The weekend was full of good things... and I'm tired which explains yesterdays silence. Ah, but Grace. For all of us. For the days we can't and the moments when we need to stop, re-group, rest. Maybe we all need some encouragement today, which is what I was thinking yesterday when I heard it again. I was stacking dishes and contemplating Thanksgiving leftovers. I leaned against the sink, remembering the first time the sound had touched my heart and what I'd written. So I went to my archives to … [Continue reading]

Gifts of Autumn Grace


I am more thankful than I have words to be celebrating this weekend. It's Thanksgiving here in this part of the world. There will be Turkey, family, pumpkins and craft shows. Reason upon reason to give thanks, a multitude of Autumn Grace gifts. It's a magnificent yet simple proclamation of all things Autumn! We have so much to do and only one weekend to fit it all in, which is why I decided to re-post something today that I published several years ago. This creative outlet, spilling words onto … [Continue reading]