Being Who We Are Created To Be and Walking Each Other Home

There aren't a lot of things I remember about my early growing up years, but I remember third grade. More specifically, I remember the ten minutes after the bell had rung and we all poured out of the school like a bubbling, noisy river. I remember the walking home. It's not always easy to make it home in one piece when part of that noisy river is made up of boys that like to tease, taunt and poke fun. But it was easier with Beverly. She was as tall as I was short and we were in the same class. … [Continue reading]

When You Crave Quiet, And Whispers Of Hope.

I have been craving quiet lately. I've been taking an extra few minutes before I emerge from underneath my duvet in the morning, just listening to nothing more than the sound of my breath. (It gives the impression it's wonderful and insightful, until I fall back to sleep and wake up late!) Dishes and laundry are usually accompanied by a playlist, but the past few weeks I have let silence be my companion. Even last week, when I was sick with a cold, I welcomed the silence a sore throat and … [Continue reading]

Setting Sail And A Community Of Dreamers

When Your Dreams Need A Community   It was back in the days before I had time to myself. Back when bottles, diapers, preschoolers and four kids in seven years took up all the free time, and then some. Our friends  affectionately called them “the blurry years.” Late nights, early mornings and busy, lots of busy. Days of dishes and laundry. A uniform comprised of clothing that wouldn’t hold tight to spit up, finger paint and dirt. If you had looked in on our slightly chaotic world I … [Continue reading]

The Before & After… On Grace, Hope, & Lent

How is it we are already in Lent? March came in like a lion in our corner of the world. No matter what the weather decides to do March means the start of a journey to new life, fresh beginnings, and hope. Can I tell you a little story about hope? Once upon a time(a few weeks ago) there was a dresser. A nine drawer cabinet with several broken drawers. It looked like they had been yanked off their runners, and now they sat tilted and crooked in their holes. It was sitting in the back of a … [Continue reading]

{Five Minute Friday} -Slow

My mother used to use the phrase "Slower than molasses, climbing uphill in January." She was referring to my ability to finish a task I didn't want to do. But I like slow.  I like the early morning waking when there isn't a litany of to-do's ahead of me. I love the slow creak of the swing on a sultry summer night. There is something soothing about the slow boil of soup on the stove and time to sit, read, talk and listen as an evening slips slowly by. There is value in slow  I'm … [Continue reading]

When You Need A Reminder

They're sitting quietly in the back of the van, which is unusual for six and nine year old boys. I take the quiet moment and use it to talk because we have things we need to discuss. I tell these sweet boys, we need to come up with a plan for our after-school time. The last two days have been too full of crazy, and they need a reminder. I love our time together, it's a good, fun, safe time. But, it is neither fun nor safe to argue, fight and hurt each other. When I ask them if they agree, … [Continue reading]