Super Bowl Sandwiches for the Win!-What’s Up Wednesday?


We're talking sandwiches in the Grace Cafe' today! But this is no ordinary sandwich. Sometimes, when its time to feed a crowd, or you want something a little different, you make a choice to veer off the totally healthy path, just for a meal. And these awesome sandwiches are worth the trip! I had seen a recipe for them, but couldn't find it when I needed it, so I turned to Google. Wow. I had no idea these are so popular, or that there are so many different variations on this delicious theme! … [Continue reading]

February’s Shadows and The Joy of Celebrating New!


She laughs out loud when I say it. I'm bent over a menu and a calendar and I wondered excitedly, when is  ground hog day? I laugh along with her. It did sound as if I was asking about Christmas day or the last day of school. The excitement came with the realization that we are in February. A new month! I toss aside her teasing with the reminder there is always something to celebrate. I am a firm believer in this: Life should be a celebration of all the big and small events, the quiet and … [Continue reading]

The Last Chili Recipe, Today in the Grace Cafe’


When the months after December hold more grey than anything else, I find myself choosing colour in everything I do. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. The great thing about foods in a variety of colour, beside the obvious cheering properties, are the health benefits that also accompany them. Brilliant red, orange and yellows boast vitamin C, while the blues and purples are high in antioxidants.  When I made Chili last week, I didn't set out to make it as colourful as it was, … [Continue reading]

Zippers, Three Hats and Guarding the Joy.


Every day at 2:45, I dress warm. I have soft, red mittens,a gift from the best husband, a borrowed hat from a daughter and boots that are meant for cold winter walks. It's been this way since the first week in January. I drive to their school,  the two brothers that need after school care, and I park across the street, in the church parking lot. The school lot is teeming with cars and buses and kids running free after a day of confinement and I'd rather walk than try to navigate that … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fresh From The Grace Cafe’!


You've heard it said a lot in this space. It's because I believe it. I believe in community. In the grand scheme of things I think we were created for it, for relationship and all that comes with sharing our lives with others.  We were never meant to do this journey on our own.   I love when it shows up in practical ways, and what can be more practical than the way we nourish ourselves? At our house, we are not gluten free. But, the very nature of the plan we follow means that … [Continue reading]

Joy, Tantrums And Giving Thanks For The Grey


There's white snow nestled in the arms of grey tree branches. The grey of the bark matches the grey in the clouds. Yesterday, the sky was heavy and deep, pregnant with a full days worth of birthing snow flurries. And I want to complain because it feels oppressive and I don't like cold and my ocean memory is trying not to fade, but its been years now.  I feel like a petulant child. Like I could sit down on the snowy driveway and loudly protest the weather.  But it's not the winter I … [Continue reading]