Seasons, Cocoons, Grace and…God.


It’s been a long time. The last time I sat down and let my fingers fly over the keys was back in January. The snow was deep, the wind sharp and I thought I would only be away from here for a week or so. Oh, its been a long year! Now, the grass has taken on several amazing shades of green, breezes turned warm then a little cooler and weeks have turned into months! It was more difficult than I thought it would be in those January days after the surgery. Not just with the pain, or the healing, … [Continue reading]

Measuring the Days…


The snow is back again. Not a lot, just a dusting in the night that sort of covers the lawn. We've just come through a January thaw, where the temperature soared, all the snow melted, and for a few days... it felt like Spring.  Those of us who aren't fond of the cold were wishing it could  really be the beginning of a new season!  That's the way it's been in our lives as well.  The effects of chemotherapy have slowly melted away since my last treatment in December. I feel more like myself. … [Continue reading]

Little By Little…


It was back in October when the trees released their leaves, and the fall breeze blew them around the curve and up into our front garden. Everyday a few more collected until the piles nearly blocked the front door. Little by little we cleared them away, and Fall gave way to colder temperatures and stronger winds. And then the snow came. Little by little it gathered on the lawns, a new layer each day and although the calendar wasn't ready for it to be official, Winter seemed determined to … [Continue reading]

Ribbons Of Light…


Where do you come from? Can you hold the lantern up  just a little higher so I can see your face more clearly? Yes, I'll take your hand.  The lights before and behind us tear at the darkness and the air is thick with expectancy and Hope. I don't mind the jostling crowd. In fact, this year, I am reminded more than any other, this  Advent  journey we choose to take is never meant to be a solitary one.  Wherever we start from, there is great value in walking together. Reminding,  listening, … [Continue reading]

{Easy} Crock Pot Pork Chop Dinner…


It's been far too long since I posted an oh-so-good recipe that makes all of our lives easier! It's all about the {easy}! I don't have the energy to tweak anything these days, but on the good weeks it feels nice to put dinner on the table. I've come up with meals that take minimal effort and time but are still nutritious and delicious! Enter... the best crock pot recipe! I had my doubts, but it was sooo good and received  hearty thumbs up from all our crew (which is rare!) I found the recipe … [Continue reading]

What Silence Means…

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There was no moon on Thursday evening. Thick clouds covered the sky and the wind-shield wipers were keeping time with the October wind howling outside our van. We weren't on any great mission, just grocery shopping, but  I have come to appreciate the days of normal errands in the midst of this crazy time. It was quiet. The best husband had one  hand on the  steering wheel, the other hand holding mine. It was a good, peaceful silence, the kind that has moved from awkward to comfortable over … [Continue reading]