The Sounds of Summer…


It began early, really before it was officially summer, but this chorus of memories will always be part of the Summer song.  There was the sound of splashing followed by cheers and shouts, when our son stepped into a local lake to be baptized. I missed getting some pictures because it's difficult to focus a camera through tears.  I forgot how much I enjoy power tools. Forgot how satisfying it is to fill the air with the music of hammers, saws and drills. Left over pallet wood made beautiful … [Continue reading]

When Dreams Get Caught In A Net Of Perfect


I didn't start out thinking this way. And for the longest time I didn't even realize it was part of my thought process. I've been busy trying to get my ducks in a row, sorting out life, dreams and hopes. And then it hit me. I'd put it all on hold. I've been clinging tight to an anchored buoy. Floating, but not going anywhere, trying to control the waves. Cancer turns you upside down and shakes you, and when you finally get to stand right side up, there's this tendency to hold on tight and … [Continue reading]

The One Where the Weather and I are Authentic…


We're getting March winds in April. They're blowing everything crazy. Even the trees look like they're hanging on for dear life. There's also rain, lower temperatures and next week the forecast calls for flurries. Yes, flurries. It's all a big mix in a season that just can't seem to decide what and where it wants to be. It's authentic, I'll give it that. The first glimpse out the window in the early morning tells you exactly what's going on, but it changes hour by hour. It's a seasonal tug of … [Continue reading]

When You Long for Bare-feet: Standing in Ribbons of Grace


The lilies on my kitchen table are still blooming. Even the little buds we thought would not make it, are trying hard to open to the sun streaming through the window. It's a brilliant sun. The kind you stand in when a ribbon of it crosses the floor. It warms sock feet and murmurs in its warmth that Spring is here.   Our Spring. Not yours. Not unless you live close to the great lakes and even then, you'd have to be close to my city, and in my city, close to the lake, because it changes things. … [Continue reading]

Do You Have a Minute for a Rainy Day Story?


There is rain, pounding on the roof, dripping down the windows and sinking into the dirt. There are rumbles of thunder and puddles forming on the muddy driveway. Spring rain. I love it. It's the kind that calls everything buried deep in a winter sleep to awake. The wind howls like a giant yawn. It's best to stay inside on these days, and let the earth do its job of rousing life. It's a good day for a story... It was a whirlwind of a weekend. Holy week and Easter, right through Easter Monday. … [Continue reading]

Easter’s Wind and the Beautiful Roar of Amazing Love


It is time to pick up the last Lenten Stone. Pick it up, and never let go. It is breathtakingly beautiful. In all our days, and moments, wherever our feet take us, we are encompassed by Love. His love. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and while I imagined that day in Jerusalem, ...all I could see was Love.  This week is Holy Week. It is the final week of Lent. The footprints left this week lead us to the cross, and on to an empty grave. In the echo of each footstep,  ...all I can hear … [Continue reading]