31 Days of Wonder: Fresh Ink of the Goodness of God…


It's not something I talk about often. But sometimes, like the other day, I find myself sitting with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and we talk about my cancer story. I turn back all the pages and we sift through my diagnosis and treatment. I tell her about the day I walked into the shower with a full head of hair... and walked out completely bald. I remember it well because it was the day I learned to tie a headscarf, and the day I stared into the bathroom mirror and whispered,I can't … [Continue reading]

31 Days Of Wonder: When Monday is Hard to Swallow…


Every morning I fill a large glass with tepid water and a little apple cider vinegar. And before I have breakfast I sit with my water and our good God. There are days that begin with a call for help and days that begin with blessing. Some days between sips there is praise, questions, or silence. It's just how I begin. I am not the only one who loves apple cider vinegar. The teenie-tiny fruit flies, the ones that decide somewhere around August that our kitchen is the place to be. They love it. … [Continue reading]

31 days of Wonder: It’s the Scent of Something Wonder-full


 I stopped in the middle of the produce aisle. Right there between the overflowing bin of bright green knobby broccoli and long wooden tables holding citrus of various shapes, varieties and sizes. I can smell it. It's a familiar scent that assaults me, one that I will never forget. Its why I am careful not to leave citrus too long in the fridge... the smell of an orange that has rolled to the back and gone bad... transports me back to working in tiny, inner city streets of Mexico, where hungry … [Continue reading]

31 Days of Wonder: This Beautiful Gift in Community


  It's so close. A fifteen minute drive along the highway and we're there. But we hardly ever think about it. When guests come, its usually first on the agenda and everyone always comments on how fortunate we are to live so close to such an amazing display of natural power, beauty and wonder. Back in June, when my lovely friends came for a visit, this was part of our weekend.  And I stood clutching the rail and gazing out at the breathtaking display. It was a postcard-perfect, … [Continue reading]

I Want To Never Lose The Wonder…

Ipad fall 2 080

Its overcast and grey. A stark contrast to the red ripe tomatoes still on the vine and the vibrant yellow of summers last blooms. Its the in-between that happens with the seasons. The overlap of cold evenings and humid afternoons, bare feet and pumpkins.   Sunday night we stood on a still warm patio and starred up at a star filled canvas, and a red moon. And I whispered under my breath... will wonders never cease. And I don't want them to. Under a vast expanse of sky and brilliant moon, I felt … [Continue reading]

Walking the Bridge to Autumn…


Yesterday we went for a drive. We wanted to be by the water, hear the sound of it lapping the shore, rushing over rocks. It wasn't the ocean, just a river. Not too far away, but far enough to let us relax and whisper that the summer's gone by oh so fast. And while we love, love, love the Fall, I'm thinking maybe I don't want the summer to end. There are gifts in the summer that can't be found in Autumn. These days just before school begins are like a bridge between, and even with arms … [Continue reading]