With Heart and Hands Full; Listening to August Conversations


There's a blush on the pears hanging from the neighbours tree. The branches are bending, stooping to whisper to the blackberries ripening round and dark on the bush below. I imagine the conversation might be about the weight of the fruit, the nearness of harvest, the joy in the sun that bathes everything in beautiful light. It's an August conversation. I'm listening to the swing creak while I wonder how in the world we can be having August talks when it was only July a heartbeat ago, or maybe … [Continue reading]

Goodness! What do I do with it all?


I feel a bit like a door-to door salesman. Only I'm not selling anything. Pedalling my wares, I  holler over the fences  separating yards and trudge up driveways to ambush unsuspecting neighbours. If you have reason to step inside our front door, be aware. You will have to listen to my brief pitch, concluded with a plea and the best "Please can you help me out?" expression I can muster. I apologize in advance, but it's that time of year. Its the season for broad green leaves that stretch wide … [Continue reading]

A Lost and Found Story: Where are You hanging?


It was hanging crooked on the end of a long metal rack. The hanger was caught on a piece of paper, someone had scribbled "ladies blouses" in red marker. I caught my breath. It was beautiful, in a rustic, odd sort of way.  The wool backing was heavy and hot, totally out of place in 95 degree weather. When I finally separated  it from the label, I was surprised by the weight, and completely captivated.  All those primitive earth tones, the ones that always catch my eye and fill my soul. There … [Continue reading]

The Secret Life in Summer: How to Lift your Head


Summer seems to have settled in. It's been hesitant to unpack, but finally it pulled out blankets of humidity and garments of haze and heat. They're draped over us and there's no sense wishing it was any other way.  We knew it would happen eventually. The secret to enjoying it, is accepting it as is, and finding the life in it. There is life that happens only in the heat drenched days of July and August that calls us to stop, see and hear.  It is often found in the the secret to surviving … [Continue reading]

The Whispers Of a Creative Heart


She whispered it low, like she didn't want anyone to hear. Just loud enough for the words of her heart to reach mine. "I'm not creative. I wish I was, but I'm not." I knew it wasn't true, but I didn't know how to let her see what I saw. No matter how many times I held up a mirror of encouraging words, she could only see past it to everyone else she thought to be gifted with artistic creativity. In her hair she wore a flower pin. The steps to her home sheltered pots of lavender and ivy, … [Continue reading]

The Sounds of Summer…


It began early, really before it was officially summer, but this chorus of memories will always be part of the Summer song.  There was the sound of splashing followed by cheers and shouts, when our son stepped into a local lake to be baptized. I missed getting some pictures because it's difficult to focus a camera through tears.  I forgot how much I enjoy power tools. Forgot how satisfying it is to fill the air with the music of hammers, saws and drills. Left over pallet wood made beautiful … [Continue reading]