When You See The Beauty In An Imperfect Autumn


It's not a fancy Autumn market or beautiful garden center. Its just a gravel lot at the end of the road, just before you get to the highway. Behind it there's a vineyard and the noise they use to scare the birds from the vines, echoes in the crisp afternoon air. I'm on a mission. I come here several times a year, but this trip is my favorite. I want mums for my garden and a few for in front of the door. So we drive down the back roads while the sun bathes everything in a golden- honey light. … [Continue reading]

What Makes A Summer Memory?(When Heaven Touches Earth)


Everything smells like summer. The air in the carport holds the lingering scent of sunscreen and if I close my eyes I can imagine miles of brightly coloured umbrellas staked into soft sand, brilliant blue skies overhead. The air is tinged with salt, and the breaking waves keep time with my heart. Sunscreen is a memory smell. The air outside is thick. It's as if the air were tangible, like you could stretch out a hand in front of you and touch it. Walking to the garden feels just like being … [Continue reading]

Keeping it Cool: Then and Now


I'm back. My quiet writing retreat was simply, amazing. I learned so much about myself, how I write best, and in what direction I'm headed. Now that I'm home, there's the tug of distraction and the call of the urgent. I'm learning how to listen and prioritise, not just run immediately and switch hats! Whether you are a writer or not, you may want to make time, intentional time, for quiet.  There is encouragement, rest, healing and creative energy to be found in the folds of a blanket of … [Continue reading]

Courage Dear Heart: It’s Time To Do This


We were sitting on a bench in a crowded airport terminal, because it was time. She was glancing out the window, and I'm sure the sight of massive planes sitting on the tarmac waiting, only heightened her nervousness. It was a first flight. We watched people mill around, fussy babies being fed and lots of hugging goodbyes. And I talked. I reassured and convinced and used all the words I knew to calm her, to bolster the confidence I knew was there. Speaking courage. In the end, I wasn't … [Continue reading]

Starbucks, Birthdays, And The Gift Of Wrinkles.


I had to be there early, or not at all. It's the way it happens when there are more drivers than cars and everyone needs to be somewhere at the same time. So I ask to be dropped off, and I'll worry about the getting home later. I like driving with my son. I love his confidence and company. He lets me out at the Starbucks door and I tell him I love him as I merge with the morning crowd who are just starting the day and in desperate need of coffee.  I order green tea and find a table that … [Continue reading]

Painted Stones; When Grace and Love Need a Voice


Come, thou Fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace; streams of mercy, never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise. Its been quiet here the last couple of weeks. If you have needed a silent place to sit and think, this has been the one. I've often wished I could be more like other writers I know. When faced with difficult or stressful moments and days, they write it all down. Their wrestling drives them to pour out their hearts on the page. My fingers tend to freeze … [Continue reading]