Listening to the Littlest…

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We're silent, listening intently to the girl on the couch. She is part of our group that meets each week to listen, share, hope and dream. We filled the rafters with a collective voice, talked about communion, advent,  life and now we're listening. She is the littlest. Just barely reached ten and full of life. She is explaining  why  she is thankful for  another person in our group and she's talking about my daughter. They smile at one another, seated side by side. They have been buddies … [Continue reading]

Trust in a Storm


You hold my every moment, you calm my raging seas… There are times in our lives that are pivotal. Times when it feels like we’re in the middle of an earthquake, but the shaking is happening inside of us, at the very core of who we are.  It leaves us feeling unsteady, unwilling to walk the road in front of us on such wobbly legs. Those are the times we sit. We sit with the God of the universe and we talk, cry, question and listen.  We sit when we want to run. When the pieces of our lives are … [Continue reading]



She is our third daughter, the one who makes us laugh. She writes, loves Shakespeare and music. She's my guest post today. Her video is a creative assignment for one of her English classes in university. Some  of the narrative is taken from her blog posts, written last year just after I was diagnosed. You have heard me say before  "it's in my body, but we all had cancer." It affects everyone around you, It shakes you down to the core of where you stand, giving new perspective to everything. I … [Continue reading]

Welcome November

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Welcome to November! Walking with you in everyday grace,   … [Continue reading]

Autumn Ground

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The calendar page is poised to turn. Thirty-One days have flown by faster than geese, flying in perfect formation on a backdrop of flannel grey Autumn clouds. If you have been counting these Autumn posts, I need to ask for Grace. The numbers will not add up, but it has been a good month. It's the feeling of exhaling loud and gulping in fresh air, after a year of breath holding! October is enjoying its last few hours on stage. November is waiting by the door ready to make an entrance,leading … [Continue reading]

Autumn Thanks…


I'm pretty sure it's a locust tree. It's tall, rough barked and spreads itself out on the lawn in front of our house. During these Autumn days, it's beautiful! Uniquely created,  tiny yellow leaves shine brilliantly in the sun... thousands of them! They ride the cool fall breezes straight into our front entryway and scatter everywhere! They hitch rides on shoes and unsuspecting socks and nestle on the living room carpet or the stairs. They make more work for us, sweeping and vacuuming. I sigh … [Continue reading]