Coffee, Shoes and Light…


Good Friday Morning! I'm not sure how long it's been since we had coffee together, but its long past due! Just a moment to sit and catch up and maybe help change the world  a cup at a time. There are more mugs in the cupboard than there should be (and yes, we readily admit we have a mug problem)and tea if you prefer. You'll notice the furniture is not nearly as comfortable as the last time you visited. Sigh. Things just don't seem to hold up well, especially under the constant use of five or six … [Continue reading]

Keepers of the Light


I love the smell of hot glue. It has the scent of possibility. It helps me take ragtag pieces from my craft room and make them into something wonderful. It aids this creative heart in an afternoon of soul nourishing delight.  This week it helped me celebrate a season that's not my favourite. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of winter. It's too dark, cold and dreary. I find myself having to push through it more than any other season. There's just not enough light. But it's a God-created season … [Continue reading]

Tears and Trust (Take my hand?)


It's quiet. So quiet I can hear myself breath and the ticking of our wall clock. It hasn't been this quiet in our corner of the world for a while. It has been loud and full of busy life things. I hadn't intended to take a blog break, but when lively full-of-life things are  happening around you, I've found it best to join in and live! In the midst of the crazy... there were tears! There were days filled with baking, icing, and delivering 548 cupcakes, a fundraiser for our son who is heading to … [Continue reading]

What about Joy?


I'm wrapped in a shawl, it's chilly here in my little yellow writing room. I've been pacing the floor which is what I sometimes do when the words in my head and heart have a hard time organizing themselves.  I share this space with instruments, piles of sheet music, and recording equipment. They listen while I talk out loud with myself and the God of the universe. They stand, silent witnesses to my wrestling words and reflections on Joy. I've been doing this all week. I have pages of half … [Continue reading]

When we need Peace…


It's that second week into December. It's the week that reminds us how close it is to the twenty-fifth and how far from being ready we are. There might be a little bit of pressure and the tired, creeping in like fog under a door. It's the everyday needs of those we love and  the added tasks that filled our calendars when we'd barely turned the page to this new month. Even if the schedule has been strictly adhered to, if we didn't over crowd the calendar squares, its still more in our everyday. … [Continue reading]

When we need Hope…


The crossing of the seasons is always a peculiar time. My little pear tree, with beautiful rusted leaves was shivering under a blanket of white only a week ago. In advance of the cold, snowy weather I arranged branches and berries in the window box, filled the urn. The wind carried in dry leaves and set them down among the pine and spruce, awkward and out of place.  The cold winds turned warm and now it's all green again, but Winter is coming. That was the tease, the taste, the coming … [Continue reading]