A Stone of Hope


 In the quiet of this first week of Lent, I have found myself wanting to walk with the weight of stones in my pocket.  This is the journey I love most. Because the footprints we left in Advent, they were just the beginning. There is more, so much more! And this path, these heart-rending steps... they change everything! What does it look like to journey to the cross... in the arms of Love? I want to walk again, picking up the Lenten reminder stones and I want to see them  in the light of … [Continue reading]

Forty Days…


They caught my eye as I was leaving the store. I stood beside the rack for a moment to inhale deeply and and sigh in delight. Organized in rows, I ran my fingers over the packets and delighted in their return. Seed packets. Little envelopes filled with the promise of Spring and the hope of growth, life and sweet Kale! There are feet (yes, feet) of snow piled high in the driveway. Solidly, silently, the white banks brave the bitter winds and crazy cold temperatures. Icicles hang from the eaves … [Continue reading]

A Valentine Chorus of Love…


There's a lot of chatter this time of year about hearts and flowers and whether there is a need for one particular day to tell someone you love them. I generally try to stay out of the noise and debate, because in this house we celebrate. Always have. I am of the persuasion that in all of our moments and days,there are always reasons to celebrate! In this case, we decided long ago to drown out the noisy clang of what Valentines day often sounded like, with the music of trying to love each other … [Continue reading]

It’s in the Letting Go…


The snow is knee high at the gate. February arrived in flurry of wind, snow and cold in our corner of the world. It's that time of year when the sun shines hopeful and the snow falls deep, a curious tension of waiting for Spring and enjoying breath-catching Winterscapes.  This past week there was shovelling, football games and packing. By Tuesday the living room was strewn with suitcases, backpacks and laundry. He was getting ready to go away.It's funny how you can do the same thing numerous … [Continue reading]

Sour-dough Thoughts


Outside my window, it's "squalling" Flakes of snow being tossed this way and that by a crazy wind. Inside, in the kitchen, bread is rising. I started it last week, and it's been waiting in the fridge for today!  It's a wonderful cold fermented sour-dough, and when it's cold outside,nothing smells as good as baking bread. I mixed it up on my own, slowly stirring the flour and yeast together and making sure there were no dry spots. Then, I stood back and smiled. It's the first time in a year I … [Continue reading]

Coffee, Shoes and Light…


Good Friday Morning! I'm not sure how long it's been since we had coffee together, but its long past due! Just a moment to sit and catch up and maybe help change the world  a cup at a time. There are more mugs in the cupboard than there should be (and yes, we readily admit we have a mug problem)and tea if you prefer. You'll notice the furniture is not nearly as comfortable as the last time you visited. Sigh. Things just don't seem to hold up well, especially under the constant use of five or six … [Continue reading]