Diamonds and Light: An Amazing Lost and Found Story

ipadfebmar 076

I watch the light making patterns on the ceiling while I type. It's the diamond, catching the light. It's not a big stone, but it makes the light dance wild. It's a reminder of love. I remember the day so clearly, we took a bus down town from our college to the jewellers. We were crazy in love, and couldn't wait to make it official.  There is a school of thought that says you shouldn't wear diamond rings all the time. They should be kept in a drawer at night and only worn when you know … [Continue reading]

In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion: Being Brave


The saying goes, "If March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion." The sayings for April are all about rain and flowers, but what if March refuses to let go? The calendar says April, but there is foot of cold and snow outside the door.  Sometimes, it happens. The season's meant to change but it lingers on for a bit, and while we know it's a possibility, we try and pretend it won't, because who likes to sit in the middle of flurries when we could be walking in spring grass? The … [Continue reading]

Why I Buy Purple Tulips and What Love Did.


On Sunday, I bought purple tulips for the start of holy week. It's a tradition that's only mine and just two years in the making. It was the colour that made me stop the first time. A royal colour so deep and rich I caught my breath at all the beauty. They reminded me. A royal colour for a king who came to die.   I was away last week, spending spring break with the best husband in his home state of Maryland. We took time to relax. Intentional rest, it was wonderful. And for two … [Continue reading]

The Full Weight of Judgement, Grace, and Amazing Love


It feels like it may be time to put the clothesline up again. The wind is warm and blowing crazy and the birds are deliriously happy with the seed I put out in the feeder. It feels like an early Spring, and you can almost hear a collective breath holding, hoping and waiting.   Last week was quiet here. Sometimes, there are no words when I need them. I found myself flat out under the full weight of someone's judgement of me, of my family.  At first, I laid there, wrestling with … [Continue reading]

We’re Celebrating Almond Joy in The Grace Cafe’!


I've always thought it was important to celebrate. Life is meant to be lived, and with so much love and grace poured into our lives, it's always seemed right to me to celebrate all the moments, big and small that make us stop and give thanks. I planned, prepped and organized every birthday for our four children, because I wanted them to know we were so glad they'd been born. They were important, loved and so worth celebrating. I've never not been on a very strict budget, so I had to get … [Continue reading]

A Blooming Amaryllis (And the Importance of Inside Life)


The Amaryllis finally got around to blooming. I had my doubts.  We watched the stem grow taller and greener, but there was no sign of a bloom for a long time. I planted the bulb just before Christmas, and when Valentines day rolled around, I'd almost given up hope.  I was worried I might have over watered it, under fed it, or had it in the wrong light. I love plants, especially in the winter months when my soul longs for Spring, but I don't have the greatest track record for keeping … [Continue reading]