After Thanksgiving: Can We Chat for a Minute?


It's the day before Thanksgiving. I know. We had our thanksgiving back in October, but I know. There are turkeys to stuff, bathrooms to clean, and family to love on. In the middle of the beautiful, crazy and wonderful that is this holiday, can I have just a few minutes? There is always something that follows thanksgiving.   When our hearts are full of gratitude, we are invited to walk a new path. One that sees grace all around us,  finds us leaving footprints in joy, and fills us with more … [Continue reading]

Great Expectations: Sweet potatoes, Smiles, and Empty Chairs


Last night we had something new for dinner. I spent the afternoon in the kitchen chopping and baking, a little leary, a little hopeful. I was trying not to expect too much. I've been on a run of days and weeks full of expectations that delivered far below what I had been hoping for. So yesterday, when the calendar said Monday and a new week was under way, I figured I'd try a new recipe because how much damage can be done with a few sweet potatoes and some roasted garlic. And isn't it true that … [Continue reading]

When Trees Need To be Brave: Rooted In Grace


I noticed it this morning. I was swishing soap bubbles around greasy pans and peering out the window at a fog-covered Autumn morning. The leaves on my tree, the one I planted on my fiftieth birthday, have just begun to turn from a lovely deep green to brilliant rust. When most other trees have all turned colour or let their leaves create a carpet on on the ground below, my pear tree waits. "You're brave," I whisper as the wind shakes the empty branches of a nearby crab-apple."Every tree around … [Continue reading]

Welcome To November: When The End Is Just The Beginning…


 The third drawer down, under the bathroom sink, holds my hair dryer. I've had it for a long time, and I like it. It's a great colour with a retractable cord. Sometimes the diffuser flies off mid-dry, because over the years bits of the plastic have chipped off and it's a little more loose than it should be. It makes me smile because I'm a little chipped from years of life, and sometimes I can fly-off too. We may be a little alike. Every other morning I plug her in to the socket closest to the … [Continue reading]

31 Days of Wonder: We Interrupt this Writing Challenge…


We interrupt these 31 days of wonder to bring you this special report. Outside the living room window heavy, steady rain is pounding like drum beats on the driveway. The remnant of hurricane Patricia teamed up with some warm, wet air from the west. Together they're creating an Autumn storm. Very high winds will join the weather duo later on today to see what havoc they might be able to wreak on our hydro system. I realize this isn't terribly important to anyone not staring out a window in … [Continue reading]

31 Days of Wonder: Why Do We Pray?

Ipad fall 2 033a

I'm typing from the depths of a comfy chair, covered in a warm blanket,  Kleenex in hand. It's just a cold, but I'm taking care early, to make sure it goes away as soon as possible. Last night when the coughing kept me from falling asleep I began to ponder something I love... Prayer. "Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be your name. The almost full moon played silver patterns on the ceiling and I was up far longer than I should have been because now my mind and heart were engaged in … [Continue reading]